Lauren Prince

Born and raised in Valdosta, Georgia Lauren made the Golden Isles her home in 2005. A yoga practitioner for ten years, she excitedly began her 200 Hour Teacher Training at Asheville Yoga Center in May 2017 & will complete her certification in November 2017.  Teaching yoga is the first step into a new chapter of life for Lauren as she transitions from administrative office assistant duties to a new way of assisting others on the mat. A firm believer that yoga can transform your life on as well as off the mat, she is eager to share her fun loving passion for yoga and its countless benefits with everyone she meets.  Outside of the yoga studio you can find Lauren on the beach with her husband, Aaron, playing volleyball or simply having fun with her family and friends.

Lauren Prince instructs the following:
  • Gentle Flow and Yin
  • In the first portion of class, enjoy a slow flow to gently build heat & increase flexibility as we match movement with breath before coming to the floor for Yin poses. Yin yoga focuses on the health of the joints and connective tissues while in quiet and non aggressive postures. The room is heated to a warm 78 degrees. This class is designed to help you move the energy through your body with active and passive poses, leaving you feeling well rounded and balanced physically as well as mentally.